Our Factory

From molding, SMT, wave-soldering, assembly, testing to packaging, we have established a complete manufacturing system to ensure more than 35,000 pieces of products which are exported every month and delivered all over the world, mainly to Europe, India, the US and the Middle East.

100% Product Manufacture

1 production centre located in GuangDong (China), with electronic assembly lines, as well as a mechanical manufacturing plant that allows us to deliver orders with a speed that is a benchmark in our sector.

We have the capacity to change course, to choose to do things right and to positively impact the world we want for future generations. At LBtech, we work every day to reconcile our business activities with social principles and to achieve sustainability, equality, and inclusion in any of our areas of influence.

Quality Warranty

Since being awarded the ISO 9001 Certification in 2008, LBtech Quality Policy has undergone a natural evolution. This certificate guarantees the application of measures that improve the organization's products, services and processes, meeting each customer's requirements and improving their satisfaction. It also minimizes environmental impact at all times.

Reliable Business Partner

Quality is our guarantee, service is our purpose. Honesty comes from sincerity and trust, quality comes from professionalism, service comes from the value to customers. LBtech provides a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support for our customers. Simply contact us via e-mails or phone, and we will handle the rest.

Free Samples


Trialing sample before you order. Experience first.

STEP1: Contacting us and accessing to samples opportunity.

STEP2: Discover the New Products Experience.

STEP3: For your first successful order, we will have a special discount for you!

Discover Real Stories

"As an entrepreneur who is deeply involved in the video intercom industry, I have been very devoted to customize my original products. LBtech has been my trusted partner in this process."

- Jane

"Once I discovered lbtech, I was amazed at how many options I had with products from all video intercom system series. LBtech is a game changer for small businesses like us. We were able to find the 4-wires video doorphone system we needed and I don't think we could have sourced anything without lbtech."

- lbrihim

We have been cooperating with LBtech for over 20 years, 100% of the product's parts are manufactured by themselves, forming a strong supporting production capacity. And product pass rate has never been lower than 99.8%. We're very emphasizing product quality. It is a experienced suppliers your business could rely on.

- Williams

Now, when I'm in the garden, I always know when someone calls, and I can see on my mobile who it is before I open the door. What's more, if I'm travelling, I can still receive the packages that arrive, saving the courier a second trip or my own time if I'd need to go and collect them on my return. Once you get used to it, you don't want a normal video intercom.

- София

I'm delighted with the call forwarding to my smartphone. I can open the door for my children if they don't carry keys with them, talk to my visitors if I'm not at home and open the door without taking the keys out of my bag. I recommend it 100%.

- Loyd

I've been using it for more than a year and I'd find it hard to live without it. It's very useful for answering the couriers when they come to drop off a parcel and I'm not at home. I tell them to leave it at the stationery shop next door... and all sorted out!

- Ashish